Midwest #5 - M. Cole's Red & Yellow Apartment

Midwest #5 - M. Cole's Red & Yellow Apartment

Janel Laban
Apr 8, 2008

Name: M. Cole
Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Size: 385 sf
Rent/Own: Rent

What is the advantage of SMALL? My relatively small living space is in a good human scale. It is attractive, comfortable and functional for all of its intended purposes. My small home is not a monstrous monument to the abuse of natural resources, and it is not an ideal place to entertain elephants. It is, however, a nice place to live in, which is all that I wish it to be.

What's your favorite resource for your home?

I very rarely pay "real money" for anything except food, and very few objects in my home were purchased at retail. I frequently visit places that might possibly have good buys, I keep my eyes open, and I seize the deal when I find it. This is how I purchased the red Eames dining chair for $6.99(Goodwill), the yellow one for $35(antique mall), the H.M. table for $15, and walnut DCMs (more stuffed in closet) for $25, for example. The Nelson steelframe end table was obtained for a single dollar at a yard sale. And so on. I greatly enjoy thrift stores and flea markets, and good trades with independent shopkeepers. This approach to material consumption has proven to be very effective in maintaining high standards of quality and style with my modest income, and has caused me to have much greater appreciation for the objects I possess.

What is your one favorite element in your small, cool home?

My favorite element in my apartment is the dynamic interplay of color and pattern. I enjoy coming home, opening my door, and being pleasantly punched in the face by my living room. I want my home to have visual impact and resonance. I have seen far too many taupe houses with tan carpet and beige furniture, owned by people who are apparently terrified of any vague sort of artistic expression. I would like to think that my home is not quite that boring.

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