Midwest Fall Cure: Celebrate Good Times! Come On!

Midwest Fall Cure: Celebrate Good Times! Come On!

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 5, 2008

raikenn keeps all the necessities for present wrapping tidy and at hand.

For those who are caught up to speed it it time to P-A-R-T-Y. Soon there will be people over to check out our new cured spaces. Maybe it will be a holiday party or just a small gathering of friends, either way we hope you share it with us! Even though we have come to the end, click through the jump to see our hopes and dreams for those fabulous Midwest Curers still following along (even if you are running a bit behind.... shh... don't tell anyone but after our recent move, we are too!).

The Midwest Fall Cure faced many challenges this go round. There were illnesses, deaths, holidays, the starting back to school, conflicts with work and so much more. We all took these challenges in stride and have done an amazing job with what little time we all seemed to have left.
It's not easy to put the health of your home first, especially when you don't even seem to have the time to do laundry on some days, so we applaud all of you for your extreme efforts in doing what you can when you have time to do it. We know many of you are like us and will be "Curing" through the winter months.

minhus has a great new blue Christmas Tree up. It's a great shade, not too blue, not too grey... we love it!

For those who were able to stay on the ball there should be a party in your future. For those who still feel there space isn't ready for such an event yet, don't forget a party doesn't have to be 50+ people and full course meals. It can simply be a group of close friends who can appreciate the effort that has been put into your home over the last few months. Bring on the board games and appetizers, because everyone deserves some form of celebration.

heymomo revamped a vintage lamp with new paint and new wiring. Looks like her hard work has paid off!

We would love to show off the hard work that all of our Midwest Fall Cure participants put in. Even if you didn't make it through the whole book.
So take a few moments this weekend to photograph some things around your space that were touched by The Fall Cure. If you're having a party, let the film fly and show us the great adventures your having. If you're unpacking your Holiday decorations but now have a clean attic... show us!
Next week we would love to put together as many before and afters as we can. If you upload your pictures include a link back to what the space looked like previously if you have one.
Forgot to take before shots? No worries, just send us what you have. There are 88 members of our Flickr pool, but only a few have been brave enough to keep us up to date on their spaces.

Alana Waters-Piper has compiled a great little Mid Century set up!

We'll be checking on Monday to see everyone's work in the Flickr Pool so we can show it off to all the other Fall Curers around the country. If you aren't able to get things uploaded by Monday have no fear, we are always watching photos tagged with "apartmenttherapychicago" for great accomplishments and solutions to clutter and organizational problems.

Thanks to everyone who made this Cure a great one and we look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve for Monday's Roundup Picture Post!

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