Midwest Fall Cure: Week One - Weekend

Midwest Fall Cure: Week One - Weekend

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 17, 2008

Plizzyp worked on some window washing this week!

  • Cure Clock: 1,248 hours remaining
  • Assignment: Re-read pp. 52-69, clean and list repairs (more after the jump)
  • Flickr Pool: Midwest Fall Cure Pool

    Week One is drawing to a close and what a week it has been. Fall is in full swing around the country and the cleaning bug has really hit the Midwest Fall Cure participants. Most of us will do the majority of our floor cleaning (if you haven't already) in the upcoming days.
    As we try to remain positive as we trudge through our clutter we are busy giving great support through our Flickr discussion boards. Midwest participants are posting away with questions about furniture, placement and layouts of rooms. Don't be afraid to ask for help along the way and we will do our best to meet your qualm with supportive answers and a pat on the back. Take this weekend to sit with a warm cup of tea and examine your surroundings. Find time to view each space in your house, even if it doesn't need any work. Sometimes just finding a new perspective can inspire your desire to get to work. Maybe it involves sitting on the floor, in a windowsill or on the radiator (with caution), but take this weekend to let the cool fall weather influence your mindset as you set out to do some major weekend warrior work. Click on through the jump for more....

    Plizzyp has a great idea when it comes to preparing for some home makeover action. All of the tools have been laid out in order for them to be at hand whenever the project calls. Knowing where the right tool for the job is before you need it is essential to accomplishing things in a timely manner. Great tip!

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    Homework Reminder:

    Weekly Assignment (Deep Treatment):

  • Make a complete list of repairs and solutions.
  • Vacuum and mop the floors.
  • Remove one item from your apartment.
  • Buy fresh flowers.
  • Sit for 10 minutes in a part of your home that you never sit in.
  • Look into earth-friendly cleaning products.

    Weekly Assignment (One-Room Workout):

  • Choose your room.
  • Collect inspirational pictures of rooms you love.
  • Start a style tray.
  • Visit your favorite home store.
  • Set a budget.

    Sometimes living in your spaces while they are getting a Fall Cure makeover can feel like a never ending story. rockypondgirl is blazing a clear path with her great renovation skills! Keep up the great work!

    Ways You Can Help Other Midwest Cure Participants:

  • Mrs. Mack is looking for corner-countertop organization suggestions. Do you have any for her?
  • rockypondgirl is debating between sliding doors and curtains. What do you think?
  • simply.goldyn. is trying to decide what the best product to cover the bottom of her shelves would be. Anyone have any first hand experience or ideas?
  • seshat has a great collection of frames without art on the wall and a sad basil plant. Anyone have any tips for keeping it alive?
  • Do you need a hand getting started with the cleaning? Is clutter getting in your way? Check out these handy tips!

    juliejulezzzzz is looking for a way to disguise her linen cabinet.

    Midwest Fall Cure participants:
    (Have we left anyone out? There's a whopping 96 of us! Way to take initiative Midwest (and friends!))

    Alabama: Splomo
    Arkansas: lemonadefish
    Illinois: LindaK, landerdander, beth_in_chicago, chicagoflamingo, HomeFor2, Vikini, alexandscott, rockypondgirl, chicagomom72, Hekela9, Mrs.Mack, Cvillegal, ksmile, orangeblossom, eshirden, madgel24, RWL, juliejuliezzzzz, rkdavis, Andi, ascout, tamaraamick, Sam Kraus, chicagoamber, CeciliaC, harmonyfrance, SassyBlondeGirl, freneticfloetry, sblack511
    Indiana: Dawn, Sarcelle, Gemini Girl
    Iowa: tarasana, khensley76
    Georgia: bellamira, jeanthief
    Kansas: Jo_Bair, girlginger
    Kentucky: merskine
    Louisiana: urbanconjure
    Michigan: JanG, Laurall, jamyzz, Simply.Goldyn., lorijo
    Minnesota: ivegots, Sparklebot, cyclopathic, northwind, simpleshelly, Seshat, lilithslair, Sheaff, Sunkay, SarahN, Molly Margarita, bright_as_yellow, happify
    Missouri: nicolem2882, STLcoleen, Sadie, Chelle, sarahrae
    Nebraksa: djohnson
    Ohio: signe, baxlala, kennedm1, ewserk, suzieboozie, serenity_evenstar, neda, amyewine
    Oklahoma: Mary, Francesca, design.is.good
    Tennessee: alona
    Texas: lehall, MelissaS, wendi, AustinV, Melanie Millar, maybellene, srw
    Wisconsin: Robin
    Canada: Veronica, smallcitybeth, honeyfresh, Jenny!, heymomo, ce_pelle
    Undeclared US: hourto, Emmm, caradoll, HeatherAB
    International Undeclared: Telsing, elle_media, PoignantTuna

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