Midwest Fall Cure: Week Seven - Goes Personal

Midwest Fall Cure: Week Seven - Goes Personal

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 24, 2008

This week the Midwestern Fall Cure goes personal... we're headed to the bedroom (ooh la la!). The one place in our space that should feel like a retreat from the rest of the world, even when the rest of our life is chaotic. Where the smallest things can make the biggest difference and where sometimes we feel the most clueless as how to get things decorated, situated and arranged. Hopefully by the end of the week we will have you in a space that makes you feel so comfortable you are able to fall asleep by counting only a few sheep instead of the whole flock...

heymomo has a great bunch of flowers this week. They take "happy and cheery" to a whole new level!

Weekly Assignment (Deep Treatment): Declutter the bedroom, clean all the surfaces, wash your sheets, and if you have any extra money spend it on upgrades like an air purifier or organic bedding.

Home_For_2 has lined the box for the landing strip with some amazing paper. A great punch of color in an unexpected space.

Weekly Assignment (One-Room Workout): This week is all about cleaning up, which takes a good amount of time. Arrange furniture and lighting, wrangle cords, clean all workspaces, and get your room back into good shape post-painting.

juliejulezzzzz is inviting us all over for dinner baking up a family heirloom recipe!

Good Bedroom Links on AT to get you pointed in the right direction:

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    heymomo isn't one for alphabetizing books and took a break from organizing them by size and has arranged them by color. Nice job!

    Great Cure Links:

  • Midwest Fall Cure Flickr Pool
  • melissabeth1 is having outhouse problems. You heard us... outhouse problems.
  • juliejulezzzzz is feeling a bit behind, chime in with some Midwest Fall Cure support!

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