Midwest Fall Cure: Week Two

Midwest Fall Cure: Week Two

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 20, 2008
heymomo's flowers make things cheery and bright.

  • Cure Clock: 2,073,600 seconds remaining (or 48 days)
  • Assignment: Read through Ch. 5 (Pages 70-99) Check out the full list of assignments here.
  • Flickr Pool: Midwest Fall Cure Pool

    Week Two is met head on by 101 Midwest participants who are taking a stand against clutter and chaos and are tackling all those small projects that seem to pile up in the blink of an eye.
    Thanks to all those who have provided a look inside their homes and decluttering ways thus far. We also welcome those who are newly on board! It's going to be a big week. One that brings challenges such as: tackling the kitchen, defining our own style, cooking at home and brushing up on our DIY skills, as we fix one thing in our home. click through for lots of new photos and great links to all that we've been up to...

    jess2nola's flowers are a work of art. They are packed with bright colors and accented by patterned placemats and curtains.

    Week Two Deep Treatment:

  • Fix one thing in your apartment yourself.
  • Clean your kitchen from top to bottom and throw away old food.
  • Buy a water filter and use it.
  • Run your hands over every wall in your apartment.
  • Clear a space for an Outbox.
  • Clear one surface and use the Outbox.
  • Buy fresh flowers.
  • Determine your style.
  • Find a new recipe and cook at least one meal at home.
  • Choose the date for your housewarming.

    Sdk310 has two vintage fire extinguishers that need a purpose or place. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Week Two:One-Room Remedy

  • Decide what activities you want in your room and where they will go.
  • Buy, borrow or make a floor plan tool.
  • Map out the room that bothers you most and work out your solution.
  • Name your vision.
  • Build a shopping list.

    simply.goldyn. has made a grocery list packed full of yummy things for a week of cooking at home.

    Need Help With Cooking At Home?
    Our sister site The Kitchen is jammed packed full of recipes reflecting the changing of the seasons and the ingredients that will most likely be found in your grocer this time of year. Remember, shopping for ingredients that are in season will usually help cut back on cost and yield the tastiest dishes!
    Even if you already have a dish in mind, don't forget to check out their recipe archives where you can find something to suit your tastes by Holiday, course or even type of dish.

    Telsing is making note of the small things on the list of repairs to tackle in this weeks DIY repair challenge.

    Great Links and Discussions:

  • cvillegal is looking for a way to keep the wood floors in their condo clean and protected? Do you have a tried and true method? Join the discussion!
  • Telsing could use some encouraging words when it comes to bathroom renovations. Do you have any small tips that might make the place seem more inviting?
  • Lost Newf is blogging her Cure experience and home renovations in general (along with her husband Ted) over at The Bayly Battle.
  • simply.golydn. is looking for a more organized way to contain the weeks worth of recycling. Do any of you have any small space solutions?

    Do you have a question you'd like to ask? Post a photo of it to the Flickr Pool and let us help you out!

    heymomo has checked out all the small repairs that need to be made. Making a list of this sort can seem daunting, although knowing all the places that need patching or painting can make the repair process more streamlined. Only having your tools and such out once can keep your space cleaner and make a better use of your time.

    Midwest Fall Cure participants:
    (Have we left anyone out? There's a whopping 101 of us! Way to take initiative Midwest (and friends!))

    Alabama: Splomo
    Arkansas: lemonadefish
    Illinois: LindaK, landerdander, beth_in_chicago, chicagoflamingo, HomeFor2, Vikini, alexandscott, rockypondgirl, chicagomom72, Hekela9, Mrs.Mack, Cvillegal, ksmile, orangeblossom, eshirden, madgel24, RWL, juliejuliezzzzz, rkdavis, Andi, ascout, tamaraamick, Sam Kraus, chicagoamber, CeciliaC, harmonyfrance, SassyBlondeGirl, freneticfloetry, sblack511, anniemontana
    Indiana: Dawn, Sarcelle, Gemini Girl
    Iowa: tarasana, khensley76
    Georgia: bellamira, jeanthief
    Kansas: Jo_Bair, girlginger
    Kentucky: merskine
    Louisiana: urbanconjure
    Michigan: JanG, Laurall, jamyzz, Simply.Goldyn., lorijo
    Minnesota: ivegots, Sparklebot, cyclopathic, northwind, simpleshelly, Seshat, lilithslair, Sheaff, Sunkay, SarahN, Molly Margarita, bright_as_yellow, happify
    Missouri: nicolem2882, STLcoleen, Sadie, Chelle, sarahrae
    Nebraksa: djohnson
    Ohio: signe, baxlala, kennedm1, ewserk, suzieboozie, serenity_evenstar, neda, amyewine
    Oklahoma: Mary, Francesca, design.is.good
    Tennessee: alona
    Texas: lehall, MelissaS, wendi, AustinV, Melanie Millar, maybellene, srw
    Wisconsin: Robin
    Canada: Veronica, smallcitybeth, honeyfresh, Jenny!, heymomo, ce_pelle, Lost Newf
    Undeclared US: hourto, Emmm, caradoll, HeatherAB
    International Undeclared: Telsing, elle_media, PoignantTuna

    gridpaper also has some Spider Mums that are brightening up our Flickr pool!

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    gridpaper. has split the flowers in her kitchen into two vases. Often we think the more the merrier when it comes to our flora, but this is a great reminder to spread things out and make every room brighter with a small bouquet.

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