Pets in Stylish Homes

We love seeing who lives in what types of homes, and that includes your pets. Each of these pets from five of our midwestern house tours (so many more great pets in our archives!) are enjoying something different about their homes, and they look really good doing it. We’ve got the the dauschund buried under a West Elm pillow, a cat lounging on a vintage chenille bedspread, and another cat chilling on a record player…

1 Talia from Jen & Dave’s Pet-Friendly Palace
2 Otto from Sarah & Steve’s Attic Aerie
3 Kim’s Kitty from Kim’s One Room at a Time
4 Kitty on record player from Harmony & Vance’s Newlywed Nest
5 Furnando from Amy’s New Place in West Rogers Park

What stylish objects does your pet gravitate toward?