Miele Washing Machines

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

While staying with a friend, we were able to do hoards of laundry in her new, swank Meile washer and dryer. Now for anyone who thrills at shape and style these are to die for: Uber-modern while retaining a classic old school stainless style.

The machines are a delight, although neither our friend nor we can figure out how to do a quick load, as 59 minutes seems to be the shortest possibility. There is a way, we just can’t figure it out. It is clear that this hour-long wash and soak system that Miele has set up does produce super clean clothes, so we’ll be quiet and let the wash run its course.

Here’s our problem: The washer is a front loader, which we know is better for the clothes- we’ve had to un-knot a shirt or two from the top loader blade as it yanks and pulls and twists while washing. But here’s the thing. We’re always forgetting that the one thing we really needed washed is still upstairs. With a front loader, you’re screwed.

So, while the jury is still out on whether the Miele is worth the price, we are more curious about how to get the results of a front loader with the safety net of a top loader.