Mike & Sandie's Foyer: Taking a Break

Mike & Sandie's Foyer: Taking a Break

Jul 30, 2014
The current state of the foyer.

Name: Mike and Sandie
Type of Project: Foyer renovation
Location: Saskatoon; Saskatchewan, Canada
Type of building: 2 1/2 story single-family home, built in 1919

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So... we were behind schedule almost from the very beginning (due to the repairs needed to the staircase and subfloor being beyond what we anticipated), and needed to plan an escape route, or potentially suffer the damaging kind of burnout. It’s a seductive myth that even if you love what you do, you don’t need to take strategic “me”-time. Time away from the reno (which we DO love to do) only makes us love it more. And who doesn’t need more love? Yup yup.

The backside of the plaster & lath. This stuff = lots of dust.

IF we had been on-schedule we could have managed to clock this out in 10 weeks. But with the extension of our time-line, it was the healthiest option to take a breather... literally: we cleaned up plaster and drywall dust (and then cleaned again... and again), enjoyed fresh air out of doors, and as an added bonus did our taxes. Cleaning & taxes! What can we say? We know how to par-tay down.

We also did a little thinking about our decor, taping out where the furniture, large paintings, and mirror will go when all the work is done. There are still of decisions to be made, but we're getting closer to the finished product.

We also made the decision to start painting some woodwork at the top of the first run of stairs — we had thought about saving this woodwork but it was in poor condition, so paint it is.

The result of our mini-stay-cation is that we feel refreshed with the downtime and ready to make the next round of decisions (wall treatment/colours, decor) with more gas in our tanks, junk in our trunk, syrup in our wahoo. Ready, set, go!

Estimated time for project: 10 weeks
Time remaining: 2 weeks

Check out the full series (so far) and be sure to join us tomorrow for installment #11 of Mike and Sandie's Foyer Renovation.

(Images and diary text: Mike and Sandie)

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