Miley Cyrus’ Bedroom

(Image credit: JStone)shutterstock

While perusing through the In Style magazine archives, we spotted a June, 2008 feature on Miley Cyrus’ home. Ms. Montana posed in her bedroom and dress room. (Well, excuse me!) Certainly not your normal teen fare, the look of both rooms was said to be inspired by old Hollywood and the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, California.

Of her rooms, Miley says, “I wanted it to be very girlie and fashiony, kind of like a boutique.” The dressing room features houndstooth fabrics, a pink and black palette (which reminds us of Lily’s room.)

The bedroom features a chocolate brown and blue look, with various black accents like matching zebra chairs and lamps. Did we mention we had a Smurfette comforter when we were kids?

Photo: Paul Costello/In Style