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Millenium Falcon Mac mini Mod

published Nov 10, 2008
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Mac mini owner Derrick wasn’t content just having his svelte Apple as a typical media center PC. His Jedi inclinations led him to combine his mini with a $20 Playskool Millennium Falcon toy into the ultimate Star Wars case mod we’ve ever seen (it even incorporates the iSight into the cockpit!)…

Using a dremel and some careful planning, Derrick was able to fit the Apple Mac mini into the Millennium Falcon’s interior, with the addition of a front mounted USB extension cable for an iPod shuffle that loads from the rear of the ship.

As it turns out, this mod is pretty simple. We spent about a total of 4 hours putting the whole thing together. About an hour was spent coming up with an idea and taking the toy apart. The rest of the time was mostly spent grinding plastic down and figuring out where to get the correct size rubber washer for the iSight.

In the end, this wound up not being setup as a computer and continues to serve it’s function as a media center Mac. With a bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse as it’s main input devices. Using either Remote Desktop or VNC, we are able to run updates. It is connected via the network using an Airport Extreme wireless card, so we can transfer files as needed.

The only thing cooler than this would be a Death Star version, complete with an iSight center and installed hanging from the ceiling. But this mod definitely wins geek cred in our book for the sheer ingenuity and playful quality of it all. Check out more 2008 Mod Challenge Entries here and get inspired to modify.