Milliwik Floating Playing Cards

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The tub is often a fun playing space, but many of the bath toys out there can get old, or mildewy, or both. The Floating Playing Cards from Milliwik open a whole new world of play in the bath—and they don’t have any crevices or cracks to hold water or mold.

Milliwik provides five different card sets, with games appropriate for toddlers through adults. Splash Jack is a modified deck of cards, with colorful sea creatures instead of traditional suits; it’s designed for playing “Slap Jack” in the water but can be adapted for just about any card game you choose. Each Splashimals card has half of an animal and half of its name; smaller kids can use the cards for animal recognition, or create crazy combinations. Sum Bodies is a deck full of heads, bodies and legs that you use to design your own crazy characters. Each card also has a matching number, so you can add up the points in your creation to see who wins.

Available for $10.95 to $12.95 at Milliwik.