Mimique Cell Phone: iPhone Challenger?

Mimique Cell Phone: iPhone Challenger?

Gregory Han
May 15, 2008

We don't even have an iPhone (just the Touch), but we can see how much the current and future Apple offering has redefined the landscape of consumer portable technology. If there is one company that could give Apple a run for the money in innovation, it might very well be the 800lbs gorilla known as Google. And this Mimique design hints the battle for portable computing and communications has just begun...

From RKS, the design team who created the Mimique:

The Mimique is a response to feature-heavy cell phones that look more like PDAs than phones. Playful and engaging, the Mimique's design marries the heritage of old-school cell phones with next-generation style and touch-screen technology. The Mimique will use the new open-source cell phone software which will allow users to download features and "skins." With downloadable upgrades, users won't need to buy a new phone to get new features.

And the "skins" will allow users to change the graphic interface to match their mood or preferences. Designed for users who don't take themselves or their phones too seriously, the eye-catching Mimique concept phone is poised to play a whole new game.

Where the Mimique really sets itself apart is that it is designed to take advantage of the new, open-source cell phone technologies being developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. This barrier-breaking technology would allow users to customize their phones to work and look exactly the way they want. […] Best of all, it means that you'll no longer be forced to pay for features you don't want. You get to pick and choose exactly the features you want to create your own perfect phone.

The combination of open source software and touch-screen technology will make the Mimique easily upgradable. Today, if someone comes out with new cell phone features, you have to buy a new cell phone to get that feature. But with the Mimique, you'll just download the new feature to your phone and you're good to go. This will greatly extend the lifespan of the phone itself, because the features are never locked into the design. With the Mimique, you'll always have the newest, coolest phone on the block, because it's the one phone designed to be everything you want and nothing you don't.

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