Mind The Gap: This Rug Will Have Guests Watching Their Step

published Oct 22, 2017
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(Image credit: Scott Jarvie)

If you scroll by quickly, we can’t blame you for thinking there’s a gaping, cartoon-style hole in this dining room. Thankfully, it’s just an optical illusion.

The Void Rug is the work of Scottish designer Scott Jarvie, who created the 100% Merino wool rug so that when it’s viewed from certain angles, it gives the illusion of depth. Overhead, the circular carpet looks more like a gray crescent moon with a bit of gradient at the wide part, but pulls off that Looney Tunes-style visual trickery from a distance.

(Image credit: Scott Jarvie)

Jarvie also has a rectangular version for narrower spaces and hallways, so you can trip up pals no matter what size space you’ve got. When not fooling your eyes, their “geometric monotone aesthetic make the designs relevant to a broad range of contemporary domestic interiors,” Jarvie writes on his site.

(Image credit: Scott Jarvie)

“The design was inspired by the notion that the design of a 2 dimensional rug could be informed by a 3 dimensional approach, where there was more thought embedded in the design than simply the surface pattern,” he tells Contemporist. “The illusion of depth is achieved by careful consideration of perspective, light and texture.”

We think it’s a more attractive—and less mean spirited—optical illusion than the bumpy grid carpet that went viral on Twitter last month. Either way, you might want to watch your step.