Mindfulness at Home: Schedule a Slow-Down Day

Mindfulness at Home: Schedule a Slow-Down Day

Adrienne Breaux
Jul 6, 2014
(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

Something to consider this morning as you start your Sunday: Schedule a day to slow down. Not only do you deserve a day of not rushing around from obligation to obligation, slowing down for a day will help you stay in the present, enjoy your home more and maybe even carry some of that peace you find over into the work week. We've got a few suggestions on some activities to help you slow things down this weekend — but we want to hear your ideas, too.

Does the idea of giving a whole day to slowing down seem impossible? For us too. But if that's the case, it might be the very thing you need to do every now and then. Instead of filling your day with brunch dates, DIY plans, cleaning tasks and more, try one (or more) of these ideas out (even if at first you've got to get a little less ambitious and only slow down for a few hours this weekend).

Start the day off with a favorite beverage and a good gaze
Whether you like a cup of coffee, tea or a nice smoothie, don't slurp down that liquid while checking your email or Instagram. Grab a seat in front of your favorite window to take in the view from your home. Or enjoy watching your kids play. Just take it all in while you finish a cup.

Play with your pets
My poor suffering cat. There's never enough attention for him, and not only does he deserve a few dedicated minutes of my full and undivided attention, but I need it, too. Connecting with my cat through snuggles and playing with his favorite toy not only makes him happy, it brings me joy, too. Pets are the masters of relaxation, so paying attention and following their lead can only help!

Take a walk — and notice what's around you
Not everyone lives in a place where walking to the nearest farmer's market is possible, but you can at least probably walk around the block (or at the very least your mailbox). Take notice of new plants, new neighbors, sounds and smells. Slow down and enjoy your home in your neighborhood and your city, along with enjoying your physical address. Try exploring slowly instead of rushing somewhere.

Catch-up on something (fun!) while leaning on something soft
Plant yourself on a pile of pillows and then grab a pile of your favorite design magazines that have been accumulating. Or read a few chapters of that book you started ages ago. Learn to be a book worm for a day. Or create a perfect nook and then never leave.

Avoid technology
It's not that watching your favorite Netflix show isn't relaxing, it's just you know how quickly time flies when you're plowing through episodes. The idea is to slow your day down, not speed it up! And it's getting increasingly difficult for people to just sit and think without that urge to reach for their phone. Practice breaking that dependence for a day.

Plan, cook and enjoy a meal from start to finish
Whether you do this part solo or with a few friends, the point is the same. Pick out a recipe you've been meaning to try, grab ingredients from a place that makes you feel good, and cook a meal without any distractions (perhaps difficult for moms and dads, but worth attempting anyway!). Then, break out your favorite plates, light those candles, and really enjoy a mindfully made meal.

Do something that makes you happy / brings you joy / is something that make you feel like time slows down for awhile
None of the above particularly appeal to you? Do whatever activity — spending time with your family, creating art, shopping, spending all day reading a book — that lets you take your time and slow down.

Do you try to have days where you slow down? How do you manage blocking off that kind of time in your busy schedule? What do you do around the house to help slow down and enjoy things more?

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