Mine Your Minutiae for Self Discovery and Successful Goal Seeking

Mine Your Minutiae for Self Discovery and Successful Goal Seeking

Jeff Heaton
Mar 21, 2012

When I first saw personal data tracking apps I thought "why do I care?" But the magic isn't in knowing how often you eat cereal instead of eggs (or maybe it is, I'm not judging), it's combining seemingly useless information to come to interesting and useful conclusions that help you achieve your goals. Here are a few attractive ways we've found to get started storing that daily data.

1. DAYTUM (Web, iOS)
DAYTUM is a super-clean, very straight-forward catchall for whatever data you want to make a chart from. It's got plenty of ways for you to display the data (often how you come to real conclusions) from bar charts to circular graphs. We like that you can see what data other people are mining, it's gives us ideas for how to use our data or what other metrics to include. DAYTUM comes in free and paid varieties (for those with lots to track) and also an iOS app.

2. Trackr (iOS)
Trackr is strictly an iOS app that's similar in nature to DAYTUM, but of course with touch capabilities. It's functionality and design make it more suitable to goal setting and tracking than the wide-open style of DAYTUM. We like that it can be exported to a CSV list, meaning you can drop it into Excel if you're getting really into the math of your minutiae.

3. Giraph (Web, Android)
Giraph is a more focused, Android-focused app that divides up the different kinds of data you'd be interested in tracking into categories. The nice thing about Giraph is that it allows you to create question sets for data mining and then share them with other users. That data can also be charted against other users, making it more of a social experience, a key factor in making you accountable for your goals.

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