Miniature Mail from The World’s Smallest Post Service

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Let’s be honest — in today’s world of über techno communication, we may tweet, IM, post a message on a friend’s Facebook wall or drop a line via old fashioned email, but we rarely (unless you’re one of the fabulous people I would like to be, but can never quite pull off), send a handwritten letter. Yet, most of us still get a thrill out of receiving one. That being the case, can you imagine the thrill of receiving a miniature letter?? That’s right — a teeny, tiny letter transcribed especially for you and sealed with a dollop of red wax. How cool would that be?

Now, imagine yourself bringing that same joy to the ones you love. The World’s Smallest Post Service can make it happen. Send a personalized letter or a card to that special someone and they’ll know you care.

Or how about a tiny package? Teeny trinkets with notes like “You are as cute as a…” (button) or “Where would I be without you?” (compass), wrapped in brown paper and string, stamped and ready for special delivery. And for the holidays? A bitty little top, with the message “May you delight in small wonders this holiday season.” A miniscule amount of postal perfection, indeed!

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