Minimalism in the Home Office and Beyond

Minimalism in the Home Office and Beyond

Mike Tyson
Sep 1, 2010

After Minimalism, an artistic movement and reaction against the whirlwind that was Pop Art, many took its aesthetic and conceptual ideologies and began to adapt them for new applications. Due to the influx of new usages, it became harder and harder to clearly define, or even understand what minimalism was ever about outside of the original context. The brilliant minds over at Minimalissimo attempted to craft a universal definition for minimalism. After the jump we'll show you what they came up with as well as a roundup of some of our bests posts featuring minimalism integrated in design, concept, and home in hopes to inspire and simplify your life.

[Laure Wayaffe's desk from our Flickr Finds]

Author Maarten humbly presents his definition of minimalism with the disclaimer that it may not be perfect, and is a work in progress.

"Minimalism is an artistic movement which sets out to expose the essence, essentials or identity of a subject through eliminating all non-essential forms, features or concepts."

We like this definition because it extends beyond physical objects and accounts for concepts or ways of living. It also focuses on the core belief of minimalism: to reduce in order to enhance. Clearly, the brevity of the definition forces it to ignore some of the more nuanced conceptual concerns of minimalist artists but we're not going to delve into that here. Below is an organized list of products, concepts, and house tours that we believe exude minimalism in its purist form, according to the above definition.


  • Bocci 22: The Outlet for Minimalists
    As Eero Saarinen wished to clear the "slum of legs" in furniture design, Bocci hopes to rid the world of those annoying faceplates that plague our walls.
  • Less is More with the Stylish Orefon
    By reimagining the number pad on a phone, the designers have achieved a sleek, understated form which is at once playful yet sophisticated.
  • Minimalist iPhone Productivity Apps
    Whether you're planning your day or timing your concentration, it's nice to have an app that is going to do just that, and only that. These highlighted apps deliver pure information, without the glitz and glam that might bog down some other apps.
  • Zikmu Wireless Dock for the iPod by Philippe Starck
    Contemporary designer Philippe Starck creates a very beautiful, monolithic form that also features wireless technology to help cutback on the clutter of wires.
  • Apple's Magic Trackpad Brings Gestures to the Desktop
    In Apple's constant quest for purity in design, they've managed to reduce the buttons of a mouse to a flat plane, not only replicating the capabilities of a traditional mouse but also enhancing it with gestural movements.
  • Fliqlo Screensaver
    Always know the time with this beautiful digital rendition of a classic flip clock. An Unplggd all-time favorite.
  • BDDW: Handmade American Furniture
    Minimalism is often scoffed at for its coldness. Well we think BDDW does a phenomenal job at integrating a natural warmth into their minimalists designs. Handmade with exacting precision, any piece you buy here will surely last well after you do.



  • Redhill Apartment
    This apartment in Singapore is high on luxury and low on clutter. Be sure to note the beautiful dining room pendant lamp.
  • The Skyhouse
    Only the most crucial aspects of life enter this Manhattan apartment (see: pinball machine). In all honesty, this is a stellar example that a warm, livable space can also be minimalist.
  • Klaus Biesenbach's Extremely Minimalist Apartment
    As chief curator of MOMA and director of PS.1 in NY, you would expect Bisenbach to be living in the lap of luxury in some ritzy Manhattan penthouse. Instead, it looks like he is on his last load before he packs up the van and moves out. His décor (or lack thereof) isn't without a motivation. After a hyper-stimulating job, he prefers emptiness to help clear his mind.
  • The Minimalist's Clean Slate
    Contributer Joel Pirela's mid-century take on minimalism (with a contemporary spin, of course).
  • Mike's Clear Task at Hand
    My own personal space which is constantly striving for the perfect equilibrium of minimalist aesthetics and livability.

[header image via FORM Architects/Arch Daily]
[Dieter Rams Turntable Image: magnus* licensed for use under Creative Commons]

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