Our Favorite Top 10 Minimalist Desks with Pops of Color

Simplicity and minimalism are always welcome design terms. To keep things at a bare minimum but still achieve aestheticism is a skill. We’ve always admired minimalist desk spaces, but adding a pop of color adds a bit more personality to a desk setup. Here are our top ten favorite minimalist desk spaces with colorful character.

Sometimes a can of colored pencils or even a colorful desktop wallpaper can make a big difference in a neutral desk space.

Top Row:
1. Flickr member la_femme
2. Flickr member kirky29
3. Flickr member klavina
4. Flickr member purplelime
5. Flickr member lounge77

Bottom Row:
6. Flickr member pahana alo
7. Flickr member ChRISSPdotCOM
8. Roundup: Thin profile, Wall-Mounted Desks
9. Flickr member PED74
10. Home Office: White or Wood Desk?