7 Subtle, Fun Halloween Decor Items that Even Minimalists Will Love

published Oct 5, 2022
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Where my holiday decorations are concerned, I’m a minimalist. Don’t get me wrong: I love that HomeGoods dedicates aisles to seasonal pieces, and malls unveil their gigantic trees long before anyone has a chance to even enjoy Thanksgiving leftovers. Personally though, I don’t exactly want mountains of holiday-specific stuff around my home — especially where Halloween is concerned… I know, I know, call the PSL police.

Maybe it’s because I live in Los Angeles, where temperatures hover around 70 degrees throughout the year, so “sweater weather” seems like something to take sarcastically. It could be that I grew up in a house my mom lovingly decorated for every occasion, and this is somehow a small rebellion (I actually really cherish her haunted house soap dispenser from 1996). Perhaps it’s because my birthday is so close to Halloween that I always had a built-in theme for it. Mostly though, I think of holiday decorations, and fall ones in particular, as simply not for me.

Which is why I was surprised by something: I found myself liking — even buying — Halloween decorations recently. 

The ones I came across used the shades of autumn in a more subdued way and incorporated familiar “spooky” patterns in a more laid-back format. They’re minimal, for sure, but considering I often thought Halloween decorations either had to be kid-friendly or downright scary, I’m happy to embrace this middle ground.

If you’re also someone who’s looking for a more low-key take on the season, at least inside your home, this may be the way to do it. These are the seven items that work for me.

This could be thought of as the pillow equivalent of wearing animal ears to a costume party, but it can celebrate the season on a side chair or bed. Add in larger black or orange pillows behind it to make more of a statement, if you wish!

A pair of these ghost candles would be a cute addition to a low-key entryway display, but I could also see a bunch of them lined across a table as a cool dinner party centerpiece. All that would be missing is a dark-colored runner and a few mini pumpkins.

Some put giant skeletons on their walls, I prefer minimalist art with a bit of style. This would look good in a bathroom beside the vanity mirror.

These natural woven pumpkins don’t have the saturated shades of their more common counterparts, but their neutral colorings make them fit into everyday designs more easily — and it’s possible to keep them around for Thanksgiving, too.

This garland is hard to miss, but could still come across as subtle depending on how it’s styled. Leave it as is, or add black tapered candles for more drama.

I will make an exception for seasonal decor that has writing on it if it makes me laugh, and this did. Pair it with a larger year-round square mat underneath if you so choose, but either way, you can definitely keep this around until December.

Throw this fall-hued throw blanket over the side of your sofa or at the the foot of your bed to be on theme for the season. Then pick it up when the scary movies are playing.