This New Japanese Home Collection Is a Fresh Take on Minimalism

published Feb 11, 2018
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Minimalism doesn’t have to be boring, and this new home collection from Nendo is just that. Muted colors and clean lines mix with surprising elements to create a gorgeous and fascinating new take on common objects.

Award winning Japanese designer Oki Soto of Nendo released his series of new designs for 2018. His collection for Zens is characteristically streamlined and intriguing—a mix of furniture, home and kitchen accessories.

The coffee and tea collection Stone is designed to look like stacking stones. Each element has a rounded lid that serves a different purpose — a tea strainer, a coffee filter, and a way to keep your liquids warm. The set is fully stackable, but don’t worry, it is made of silicone to mitigate the risk of breaking your brand new tea set.

The Picto collection consists of a side table, a stool, a small shelf, and a container. It takes inspiration from “hieroglyphics such as Chinese pictogram and Kanji.” There’s a flat topped table that can be used on its own or the other pieces can be added to create a totally new design.

(Image credit: Nendo )

Chirp is a line of modern vases designed to look like birds on a wire. Nendo describes them as “single flower vases and small containers as ‘small birds’ and resting them on motifs of ‘electric lines’ or ‘tree’ shaped stands, an image of various sized birds resting their wings.”

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