Less is More: A Minimalist’s Gift Guide

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“What’s a good gift for a minimalist?” sounds like the start of a joke, and it’s true that part of identifying with minimalism is being intentional about not accumulating “stuff”, but many people are also drawn to a minimalist aesthetic which emphasizes simplicity, function and beauty. Here are ten gifts we think fit this definition:

  1. Shorebird Medium in Coral at Gretel Home, $46
  2. Japanese Bike Bell at Poketo, $22
  3. Multi-Stem Vase at Heath Ceramics, $94
  4. Arc Necklace at Poketo, $94
  5. Jewelry Box at Menu Design, $99.95
  6. Moon Dominoes at Wilson & Willy’s, $60
  7. Basic Wine Pourer at Gretel Home, $37
  8. Avva Pinch & Pour Bowls (4), at Burke Decor, $64
  9. Tumbler Alarm Clock at Menu Design $89.95
  10. Soma Sustainable Pitcher at Amazon $39.99

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