More Miraculous Uses for Mayo Around the House

More Miraculous Uses for Mayo Around the House

Misty Adair
Feb 11, 2010

Sometimes you have exactly what you need right in front of you, maybe even right there in your kitchen. Open up your fridge, bypass that Diet Coke, and reach for the mayo. You might be surprised what it can do besides adding zest to your sandwich.

When we were recently reading a novel, The Help, we were reminded of a household tip that a grandmother or aunt mentioned once upon a time. It had to do with using mayonnaise to get rid of water stains on wood, and we just happened to have a water stain that needed tending. Inspired by this month's Home Hacks theme, we thought we'd try a little home improvement with our friend, Mr. Mayo. Could the mayo measure up to the likes of the vinegar and lemon juice and be more than just a salad dressing ingredient? Actually, yes.

5 Miraculous uses for mayo around the house:

1. Wipe out water stains on wood surfaces.
Apply 2-3 tablespoons of mayo on a paper towel and lay the towel over the stain, pressing lightly. Leave on for 15 minutes or longer if necessary. Wipe away excess mayo and buff the stain with a cloth.

2. Remove crayon marks from furniture, floors or walls.
If the kids get too creative on the wood floors, try rubbing mayo on the crayon marks. Let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe away with a damp cloth.

3. Take the yellow out of the ivories.
Whiten up piano keys by applying mayo with a soft cloth. Let it sit for a few minutes, wipe off with a damp cloth, and then play a merry tune.

4. Take the sticky out of stickers.
Wishing you hadn't stuck that Hello Kitty sticker on the mirror? Dissolve the glue on stickers by rubbing mayo over the offending things. Let it sit for a few minutes and then peel off the sticker.

5. And of course, shine up plant leaves (if it's really that important to you).
In case you missed it, Gregory brought us this neat trick last week. Professional florists are supposed to use this trick and you can too. Using a paper towel, rub a smidge of mayo on houseplant leaves to make them shiny, happy plants for weeks at a time.

Do you have any more practical uses for mayonnaise, other than the obvious? What are your favorite kitchen multitasking items and household hints?

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