Mirrors At Your Work Desk in Unexpected Places

Mirrors At Your Work Desk in Unexpected Places

Mike Tyson
Dec 2, 2011

You're so vain, you probably think this post is about you! No but really, sometimes we need a mirror at our desk. Whether you think you have a stray booger or need to tidy up your hair, it helps to be able to see yourself throughout the day. But running to the bathroom constantly isn't exactly the answer and people could be understandably reluctant at keeping a mirror on your desk. So we have some unique ideas as to how you could see your reflection discreetly.

Use Your Monitor
Particularly with Apple's high-gloss display, monitor screens can be especially reflective. To play this up, set your wallpaper as an all black. (Black is the most reflective color displayed on a monitor because it resists the most backlit light.) And whenever you need to see yourself briefly, create a hotspot (if you have a Mac) in a corner of your screen, swipe your mouse to remove all windows, displaying only the desktop wallpaper, and see yourself briefly in the reflection. And before someone notices swipe back quickly to redisplay all the windows.

Use Your iPad
Have an iPad but don't have a reflective monitor? Well thankfully the glass on the iPad is quite reflective when the screen is not on. All you have to do is prop your iPad in the upright position, close to your monitor (as if you would be using it) but leave it off. Then you can subtly glance at your iPad to make sure there are no crumbs in your beard.

Use Your Webcam or Cell Phone
Don't have a reflective screen or an iPad? A computer's webcam or cell phone will work just fine. We're not much of a Photobooth aficionado and sometimes we even forget we have it all together. But a webcam peak can be all you need to check yourself.. only problem is that its not so subtle. We also found that using your camera phone (particularly if it has a front facing camera) to be useful as well.

(Images: Flickr members It'sGreg, harry haris, Instant Vantage, and John Biehler livensed for use under the Creative Commons.)

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