Here’s Where Your Socks Mysteriously Disappear to When You Do Laundry

published Jun 22, 2023
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Credit: Rawpixel/Getty Images

You’re not imagining things when it feels like you’re missing three different socks and a pair of underwear by the time you’re done doing laundry. No, there’s not a magical sock monster hiding inside your washing machine — but the appliance is the answer to your missing sock problem. 

TikTok user @d7customz recently shared a video of someone using a paint scraper to pry the appliance open, which revealed a mountain of lint-covered socks. 

Hidden in the loading part of the machine, there’s a small compartment that is a frequent hiding spot for socks and other undergarments. According to Renae, the appliance-repair expert behind the viral video, it’s possible for the socks to get stuck, especially if you’re just “dumping all of your laundry in,” as opposed to carefully placing them in the machine.

“The drum where you’re putting your clothing is enclosed by this big metal box,” which is what viewers see in the video, along with the mountain of missing socks. In the comment section, some were still convinced that a miniature monster is living in the washing machine with a knack for stealing socks. “That is the nest of a small sock dragon … do not irritate,” one said. Another asked, “So that’s where the sock troll hides them?” 

Fortunately, there’s a way to prevent this, and it’s under $10. If you purchase a set of mesh laundry bags, place smaller undergarments, socks, and delicates in the bag to prevent them from getting lost in the washing machine. According to the reviews, they’re pretty durable for fabric like silk, and they’d be handy for washing babies’ socks or clothing, too.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for your missing socks in that hidden compartment (or with the mysterious sock monster).