Mobee Inductive Tech: Charging Apple Gear Wirelessly

Mobee Inductive Tech: Charging Apple Gear Wirelessly

Range Govindan
Apr 13, 2011

When they were released, it was kind of surprising to find out that the Apple Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse didn't come with rechargeable batteries. While Apple does have some rechargeable batteries (they are rebranded Sanyo Eneloops) we've been trying to find a better solution to charging our devices up. In comes Mobee with their inductive chargers and the newly released Magic Bar, which will charge your Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Trackpad.

The Eneloop batteries are nice, but ultimately, we'd expect something a bit more classy to charge our input devices for our Macs. Mobee has got two products that will charge all of your Apple input devices. They are the Magic Charger, for your Magic Mouse, and the newly released Magic Bar for your Bluetooth keyboard and Magic Trackpad.

The Magic Bar is basically an inductive tray in which you can slide the trackpad or the keyboard. It's a simple and ergonomic solution, that looks very good. There's no mat or any wires of any kind, except the one that needs to be plugged into a USB port. It's definitely an interesting solution if you use those devices a lot. Mobee claims that the Magic Bar becomes cost effective after about one year of home usage and six months of office usage.

The Magic Charger does something similar to the Magic Mouse. Although it's less elegant than the Magic Bar, it's still something that will streamline your routine. We have to say that the Magic Bar is definitely on our list when it comes out in a few months. You'll be able to pick up The Magic Bar for $60 starting June 2011, and pre-orders begin May 15. It includes one battery pack, so if you want to charge Apple's keyboard and trackpad, you'll need to grab a second pack for $30. That's starting to get expensive.

There are other inductive charging solutions from Powermat for some of your gadgets. None of those is as polished as the Magic Bar, which definitely looks like it will go well with Apple devices.

Alternatively, if this doesn't rock your boat and you don't want to bother with Eneloops, then you can just get some normal batteries and change them whenever you need. That solution is pretty effective, especially if you keep a few spare pairs of AA batteries around your house.

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