Your Future Hotel Room Might Be A Solar-Powered Vehicle

published Sep 19, 2018
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(Image credit: Radical Innovation Award)

Remember when all the gadgets featured in the Back to the Future universe seemed totally far-fetched? But over 30 years later, here we are with our video calling devices and fingerprint recognition technology that defied what we thought was conceivable.

Case in point: No one knows what the technology of the future is going to look like until it’s introduced into the market. So, if you read this headline and thought, A hotel room-meets-car? Impossible!, don’t dismiss the idea just yet.

This hotel concept called the Autonomous Travel Suite was just named as a finalist in this year’s Radical Innovation Awards, which celebrates futuristic ideas that demonstrate the hotel industry’s potential. Developed by L.A.-based Aprilli Design Studio, this micro stay would provide door-to-door transportation to a traveler’s desired destination—removing a flight from the equation.

And it doesn’t hurt that the units would run on solar-powered energy, so the production of these vehicles supports a more sustainable future ahead.

(Image credit: Radical Innovation Award)

Here’s how it works: A traveler can book a suite online or on the mobile app for a determined time. Then, the unit would arrive at the selected pick-up spot and bring the guest to a local Autonomous Hotel docking facility at the desired destination.

These docking areas are where the suite would essentially park, becoming part of a larger structure with expected hotel amenities like a gym, meeting rooms, and dining facilities. And once they’ve completed their stay, the units would deliver them right back onto their doorstep.

Regardless of whether or not the Autonomous Travel Suite is chosen as the winner, we might be looking at the hotel model of the future. Never say never!