Mobile Movie Modification: iPhone Movie Editing Apps

Mobile Movie Modification: iPhone Movie Editing Apps

Jeff Heaton
Dec 5, 2011

Last week we featured some of the best gear to turn your iPhone home movies into professional looking films. Well what's the point of doing all that shooting on your phone if you're going to have to upload it to your computer to do all the work on it? So in keeping with our passion for mobile movie making we've rounded up some of the best video editing apps for the iPhone. These aren't Hipstamic filters to make your video look vintage, these are actual movie splicing, trimming and sharing apps.

1. iMovie ($4.99)
The iMovie app for iPhone and iPad is just as good as iMovie for your Mac. While it's no Final Cut Pro, it gets the job done well enough for your next viral video. All the standard features are there: scrubbing through layered tracks, themes, transitions, soundtracks and titles. We like the detailed sound editor and the ability to control the whole process through the touch gestures you've come to know well on your iDevices. Once you're done iMovie lets you share via the web, Airplay to your TV and other iOS devices via iTunes.

2. Cinefy
Cinefy is currently in limited beta, but it promises to be one of the strongest video editing apps out there. The interface is clean and clear with the layering of effects over audio and video tracks, soundtrack tunes can be bought in-app (provided by Friendly Music) and the effects panel is aimed at being expandable by other developer's offerings. Currently the app is only aimed at the iPhone, but plans are in the works for iPad and Android versions. Hit the website to try and get your way into the limited beta program.

3. Vimeo (Free)
This app is as much about video editing as it is about using Vimeo. For some all these extra Vimeo-related features are just bulk, but if that's your main outlet then the app is definitely one to consider. And it also lets you export to other social media if you want to go that route. Outside of the Vimeo features like account management and tagging, the video editor itself is quite powerful. While the interface isn't the nicest we've seen, it also manages to include a couple goodies most apps don't, like focus control and on-screen grids during video capture. The usual features like trimming, transitions and effects are included. At $0 the price is certainly right.

4. Splice (Free | $3.99)
Splice comes in two flavors: ad-supported and paid. The features between the two are the same, you just don't have to deal with stuff you don't necessarily care about jumping at you. Sound effects, music tracks and borders can be bought in-app and Splice includes a way to mix and control audio tracks. Video editing is drag and drop, with multiple segments easy to work with. We like the ability to export to HD quality.

5. Reel Director ($1.99)
Reel director is a more full-featured app than most, with plenty of options for text, transitions, sound and video editing options. It doesn't contain an in-app store, and there have been some complaints about the video rendering times, but that can be done in the background. While we can't say it's the most beautiful interface we've seen, it gets the job done and exports to HD so certainly consider Reel Director if you're in the market for video editing app.

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