The Seriously Stylish Art Piece You Didn’t Know Your Home Needed

published Mar 29, 2017
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(Image credit: Nuevo Estilo)

You know what most decorated homes have? Lamps, rugs, throw pillows. Know what most don’t have (but after reading this, you’ll be convinced is needed)? Mobiles. I’m not talking about dangling, musical varieties for the nursery, with sweet little moons and stars and cows jumping over said moons. No, no. This is about art…for adults. Once merely for the uber-wealthy who could afford a piece of Alexander Calder’s work, the moving art pieces are now widely available via sites like CB2 and marketplaces like Etsy. When Target starts to carry something, you know you’ve reached trend fever pitch.

Sure, you might not be seeing mobiles everywhere just yet—they haven’t quite reached Beni Ourain rug status—but when you do, remember where you heard about it first.

Check out these beautiful rooms full of je ne sais quoi (and mobiles), and shop for your own from our selection below.

(Image credit: Domino)

Always one to have a little fun while still keeping things simple, Emily Henderson placed an eye-catching mobile in the bedroom of her previous home for some added personality, as featured in Domino.

New York-based interior designer Eileen Kathryn Boyd abandoned tradition when she placed a simple yet intriguing mobile—rather than a light fixture—over her own dining room table. A bold move that really paid off.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Su Pang DIYed a minimalistic mobile from found wood in her Oakland, California cottage.

(Image credit: Nuevo Estilo)

From Nuevo Estilo, a Juan Marin mobile injects a playful quality to a corner drawing the eye upward where you notice the subtle moldings.

(Image credit: Veranda)

Los Angeles-based interior designer Richard Hallberg jumped at the chance to lend his expertise to this unique Spanish Deco residence featured in Veranda. Within this oval pass-thru space, he saw the perfect opportunity to add drama with a Calder mobile.

(Image credit: Etsy)

Handmade in Germany and assembled of brass and copper, Lappalainen believes that no room is complete without a mobile and prove it through a variety of perfectly put together spaces.

(Image credit: Elkeland)

A different take on the traditional mobile, Danish visual studio Elkeland is responsible for these mirrored beauties.

(Image credit: Architectural Digest)

Designer-architect firm Shelton, Mindel & Assoc chose a Derick Pobell mobile to anchor this regal dining space in a Manhattan apartment, spotted on Architectural Digest.

(Image credit: Nuevo Estilo)

The wooden sculpture hanging from the ceiling of this London apartment, featured in Nuevo Estilo, was created by artist Elena Morales.

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