Modern Dad: David Michael Perez

Modern Dad: David Michael Perez

Carrie McBride
Jun 10, 2013

We're surveying some of the coolest guys we know about life as a modern dad.

Name: David Michael Perez, Publisher/Editor, Kindling Quarterly 
Kid: Amon (10 months)
Find me online:, @kindlingq, IG: kindlingquarterly
Location: Brooklyn, NY 

1. My favorite toy from childhood: The toy that immediately sticks out is my childhood teddy bear, Scruffy. He was gnarly looking, but I loved him.

2. A myth about modern dads: Michael Winerip made a great point in the New York Times recently. Basically you can’t be there for your children and not expect to make sacrifices in your career. 

3. A song I'll be really bummed if my kid doesn't end up loving: I’ve found myself playing a lot of old reggae/dub for Amon. There’s no one song in particular, but I’d be surprised if he didn’t have at least the slightest affinity for reggae down the line.

4. A website or blog I visit regularly: For parenting: We visit that site all the time and it has become our go-to for any daily questions that pop up. These days I have trouble keeping up with music the way I used to, but I follow // pretty religiously.

5. A product I would recommend to another dad: Since becoming a parent, I’ve become obsessed with being efficient and organized (though it’s a steep learning curve). These days I keep everything compartmentalized in Baggu bags - in every possible size. 

6. My favorite children's book: I honestly don’t remember reading a lot as a kid, so it has been really amazing discovering standards like Goodnight Moon with my son. For our baby shower our friends (and KQ designer / business partner) August and Willow gave us an incredible library of children’s books.  My current favorite is Sparkle & Spin by Ann & Paul Rand. Each book came with a hand written note about why they chose it. “Paul Rand was and still is the most famous American Graphic Designer - Brooklyn-born, cranky, and amazing. His books he made with his wife are so dope!”

7. A question I hope my kid never asks me: Honestly, I just hope Amon always feels comfortable enough to ask me anything. Luckily, I still have a few years to figure out what I’ll say to some of the trickier questions.

8. My favorite way to spend a few hours with my kid: Swimming. It’s the best.

9. A parenting trick that works for me and not for my wife: My wife works several nights a week, so one of the skills I’ve learned is how to put Amon to sleep without nursing. It’s really the only parenting edge I have.

10. My parenting superpower: I’m not sure I have any parenting superpowers or that there are any. I’m constantly trying to figure it out and it’s a large part of why I wanted to start the magazine — so that I could hear from other dads. 

I also feel very blessed to have an amazing partner. Other than that, I just try to be really generous with myself.

Thanks David!

(Image: Julia Gillard)

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