The New Tool That's Going to Change the Way We Measure

The New Tool That's Going to Change the Way We Measure

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 10, 2017
You can finally declutter your drawers of tape measures, rulers, yardsticks, and more. This tool is all you'll need.
(Image credit: InstruMMents)

Did you know there haven't been any updates to the traditional tape measure since the late 1800's? Well, watch out: the measuring revolution has arrived. Just this week, InstruMMents (yes, that's two M's) celebrated the launch of "01," the world's first dimensioning instrument.

Designed to seamlessly measure any object, (even one with 3D curves!) it sends the data directly to an app on your phone so you can store, convert, and share the information with your friends or colleagues. I've never seen anything quite like it and I'm so excited to share it with you the week of its debut on the market.

Read on to see why this futuristic measurement tool is going to change how we understand and quantify the world around us. You can take our word for it — we tried it ourselves!

The Backstory

InstruMMents is a Canadian startup based in Montreal (you may know its name as the same company that brought us the Misfit Shine fitness tracker). The idea was simple: create a dimensioning tool that could measure the odd angles and edges that traditional tools could not. Starting as a campaign on IndieGoGO, the 01 hit the market this past Monday after raising a whopping $487k of funds.

Super sleek design that is compact, easy to carry wherever you go, and even customizable!
(Image credit: InstruMMents)

How It Works

The 01 from InstruMMents has a rubberized tip that rolls to capture the dimensions of any object, which is then sent through Bluetooth to the company's free app for your mobile phone. Measure in any unit and convert easily between U.S. and metric in the app. Its design is incredibly intelligent, and the 01 actually reads the rotations of the tip through a magnetic sensor to understand the dimensions of whatever object you are measuring. And finally, the 01 comes in the form of pen, pencil, or stylus — your choice. So when you're not busy measuring everything in sight, you've got yourself a super chic writing utensil that will leave everyone around you wondering where you found it.

The laser helps keep your dimensioning accurate, while your phone reflects the measurements in real time!
(Image credit: InstruMMents)

Perfect For

Home, work, and play. While the 01 looks like the kind of high-tech object you would see on an architect's desk, it's actually incredible user-friendly and — once you get the hang of it — WAY easier to use than your typical tape measure (and so much more precise)! And it's not just for designers: imagine measuring sofa cushions so you know exactly how much upholstery fabric to buy, or keeping track of your kid's seemingly never-ending growth — and then sharing it via the app to social media. It's also ideal for any decluttering guru who wants to Marie Kondo his or her junk drawer. So say goodbye to those chunky tape measures and annoying yardsticks or rulers: this one sleek, portable pen is all you'll need!

01 by InstruMMents - $149 @

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