Modern, Miscellaneous Organizers by Less is More

These clever organizers by Less is More turn miscellaneous household clutter into streamlined displays. While their eco-friendly wood holders address common problems, like cosmetics and desk supplies, Less is More also has solutions for things you may never have thought to organize, like your chopsticks and gloves.

The organizers are ideal if you’re out of drawer and cabinet space, since they make your things look pretty and sculptural. I especially like the more unusual ones — the chopstick holder could double as a quick centerpiece, while the glove organizer/ dryer would look sweet and wintery on a landing strip.

1. Chopstick Holder, $68
2. Cosmetic Holder, $105
3. Desk Organizer, $57
4. Glove Holder, $34
5. Essential Oil Holder, $26

See the full line at Less is More’s Etsy Shop.