Modern Planters for Modern Nurseries

Here’s an item that we usually don’t see in nurseries, but why not? We put plants around the rest of the house, but plants are wonderful for kids’ rooms, too. And with Spring just around the corner, we’re ready for all the green we can get.

Scientists at NASA have known for years that house plants can absorb VOCs through their roots and thereby purify the air we breathe. In one experiment, the researchers built a shelter out of completely synthetic materials that had such high levels of VOCs, people who walked into the facility immediately experienced burning eyes and respiratory difficulties. After the introduction of house plants, the levels were reduced to almost zero.

Plus, plants look nice! And they’ll especially look nice in these sleek, cheerful planters we’ve rounded up.

Top Row:
Giraffe Medalllion Pot and Elephant Medallion Pot, $32 and $78 at Anthropologie
Card Catalog Planter, $24 at Urban Outfitters
The Circle Pot, $75 at Potted
Egg Sprouts, $13.95 for set of two at Revisions
Stem Bowl, EUR 34.95 at Ferm Living
Bottom Row:
Mini Rainboot Garden, $14 at Fred Flare
Medium Obleeek, $95 at Obleeek Objects
Bonsai Specimen Garden, $30 at Uncommon Goods
Postcardens, $12.50 at Uncommon Goods
Hanging Glass Bubble Planters, $9-24 at West Elm