Modern Simplicity with an Organic & Sustainable Twist

My dream bathroom would be a mix of simple modern pieces combined with rustic, organic elements. It would not be complete without factoring in sustainable design.

In addition to the items I’ve featured here, I would have a few other requirements. I would need ample natural light so I could grow a plethora of plants. I’m thinking a few wall mounted staghorn ferns, a wide variety of succulents, and one large cattleya orchid in a hanging lathe basket. Stark white bath linens would look great juxtaposed with the teak wood and slate colored floors. Also not pictured, I would add a teak toilet seat and rustic wood shelves. And while I’m dreaming, radiant floor heating would be a must! To complete the look, I need some great original art like the wall installation and chandelier.

Top Row:

  • 1 My dream bathroom collage.
  • 2 Toto Aquia Dual Flush Toilet – I already own a TOTO toilet and can’t imagine finding another brand I’d like better. They’re a company that believes in and practices sustainability and their high efficiency toilets are designed to use much less water than the average toilet. But this time around, I’ll be springing for the Aquia Dual Flush toilet.
  • 3 William Garvey Fusion Double Sink – I mean, why not? It’s simply gorgeous. The teak double sink is harvested from sustainable sources and by making products from the best materials possible and that are long lasting, they believe their products will endure the test of time. Oh, and I wouldn’t mind having their teak toilet seat to match my fancy sink!
  • 4 Tella Wood Plinth Tub – I wanted a freestanding tub with clean lines to compliment my toilet and teak sink. This rectangle soaking tub with its wood base blends beautifully.
  • 5 Green Tech Porcelain Stoneware Tiles – These tiles feature 40% recycled content and with the clefted surface texture, they give the stonelike look and feel underfoot. I’m going for the monochromatic sage green as shown.

Second Row:

  • 6 Henley Round Mirror – This mirror is hinged, so it can open in the center and create the feeling of a light filled window. The latch drops to close it, similar to an antique window.
  • 7 Lacava Waterblade Faucet – Well, I think this faucet speaks for itself… and the price tag does too ($1,400). I would like mine in the brushed nickel finish and without the optional shelf. Of course with two sinks, I’ll need two faucets!
  • 8 Kathleen Plate Chandelier – Made from recycled wine bottles, this chandelier is light, airy, and visually stunning. I also appreciate the way the glass circles mimic the circles seen in the artwork, mirror, and even the sink bowls.
  • 9 Tivoli Wenge Wood Retro Radio – Listening to music while bathing or getting ready is essential, so I chose this one. This one lets you access podcast or internet radio stations via Wi Fi.
  • 10 Carrie McGee’s Coastline Artwork – I first saw Carrie’s work at a gallery in Charlotte, NC and fell in love with it. Her mixed media art is created by experimenting on translucent acrylic sheets with natural and chemical processes. Viewing them in person, it’s as if you are looking at works in glass; they are organic, mesmerizing, and simply breathtaking. While I couldn’t afford it, this would definitely be the centerpiece of my bathroom, hanging behind the tub no doubt.

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