Modern Sink/Toilet Combo by Roca

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a sink/toilet combo greywater system. However, it is the first time we’ve seen one this sleek and one with a sink we’d actually like to use.

What’s brilliant about Roca’s toilet/sink combo, is that they’ve actually designed it so that you don’t have to straddle the toilet while you wash your hands. It’s a simple design improvement, but one that makes a huge difference.

The concept behind these sink/toilet combos is that the water that runs down the drain as you wash your hands is collected in the toilet and then used for the next flush. We think it’s a smart idea.

Now we hope someone will take an average looking toilet (this one might look a little odd in your basic 2-bedroom bungalow) and steal the sideways facing sink idea. Who really wants to stand over the toilet while they wash their hands?

Image: Inhabitat