Modu: The Incredible Modular Phone

Modu: The Incredible Modular Phone

Range Govindan
Mar 5, 2009

It's kind of obscene at the amount of waste that we generate with our gadgets. Every year or two, we change cell phones, computers, laptops, MP3 players, and more. The trouble is that there isn't much that you can do with really old tech. Thankfully, some companies have started recycling projects. I know that a few cell phone carriers who will take your old phone back and do something good with it. But what if you found a way of making your phone modular, enabling to continually expand in functionality?

Modu is a new mobile phone concept that has a system of modular phone jackets that add more features. The basic phone is extremely light and small. It has 2GB of memory and plays music as well. It has a small screen and a keypad. Each new function jacket adds more features. This allows users to modify and make their phone better without buying a new mobile.

The design itself allows people to plug their phones into other devices, such as speakers and digital picture frames. This is a great idea. It will work well until the technology of the phone itself is surpassed or improved. Actually, it enables the phone to serve as a base module for a load of different things. It's really interesting. The different sleeves aren't just for show, they actually expand the use of the phone. You can go from an MP3 player to a slick slider or a touchscreen model. [via DesignBoom]

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