This Cardboard Cat Tower Is Inspired By LEGO and Prefab

published Mar 4, 2018
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Wherever a cat decides to lay its head is its home. Seriously — just try convincing your kitty to move off your laptop keyboard (while you’re typing) and watch how quickly you fail.

Fortunately for cats and their humans, there are designers in the world who understand how important it is for felines to have their own designated rest and play areas. Thanks to an architect couple from Taiwan, cats can do that and more with “A Cat Thing,” a sustainable, cardboard module system.

The project initially came about when the couple took in their two cats Chacha and Lily. The architects gave their pets a cardboard box in order to help them adjust to their new surroundings. After noticing how this helped the animals adapt to their environment, the designers began adding more boxes, including a tower, a restroom, a play area and a secret chamber. Once they realized this makeshift cat compound was too fragile, the idea for “A Cat Thing” was born.

The designers took their inspiration from prefab buildings and Lego pieces and combined them with a desire to give their cats the most comfortable living space possible. The result was a simple, modern cat house that gives its furry occupants plenty of room to jump, crawl, play and rest.

Users have the option to rearrange the modules according to personal taste by either stacking them or placing them side by side for expansion. Each module is fitted with a cat-sized hole that allows the animals to come and go in between compartments with ease. The recyclable modules are made of non-toxic materials, can be held together without tools and can easily be assembled with basic instructions. The design is also sturdy enough to support the cats as they move around the structure. A simple graphic print adds a little bit of style to the module.