This Furniture Line Is the Most Versatile One We’ve Seen

published Aug 10, 2018
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(Image credit: McKenzie Coyle Photography)

If you’re hoping to save some coins, maximize space, or simply want more function from your furniture, this inventive startup named VARIA Collective, which makes modular pieces, is a great place to start.

(Image credit: McKenzie Coyle Photography)

VARIA Collective founders Jamie Saunders and Laura Wake-Ramos recently launched their Kickstarter campaign, which highlights the collection of six furniture pieces that can be transformed to serve multiple purposes in the home–more than 25, in fact.

(Image credit: McKenzie Coyle Photography)

The designers place heavy emphasis on versatility, quality and durability, which are basic characteristics that most consumers look for in the ideal piece of furniture. To develop the line, the designers used common furniture dimensions as the basis for a set of structural frames that can function as barstools, which can in turn function as the legs of a desk or kitchen table, or a bench or coffee table. These six pieces can effectively be used to design an entire apartment. All the items are made of solid hardwoods and steel are easily assembled. Each piece of furniture has a scratch and chip-resistant frame as well as welded joints that guarantee they will last a long time.

“Over the course of a day, one piece of the VARIA line could be used as a cutting board, coffee table, bar stool, or bench, among other common furniture pieces,” Saunders said in a press release.

(Image credit: McKenzie Coyle Photography)

Saunders and Wake-Ramos hope that their new spin on modular furniture will help to counteract issues faced by the growing number of Americans who choose to dwell in smaller and smaller spaces.

The VARIA Kickstarter campaign ends on August 31, so head over to pre-order pieces from the collection now.