Moldable Tripod Sticks to Anything

Moldable Tripod Sticks to Anything

Sonia Zjawinski
Jul 31, 2009

We live in a small space. Yes, it's considered a large studio, but believe us, the space is small. Trying to photograph our own interior to show off to Apartment Therapy readers is close to impossible.

We're sure you've been in the same position: trying to get as wide of a shot as possible, pulling your camera out as much as possible, maybe even cramming it against the wall and blindly shooting; hoping you don't end up with a blurry and cropped shot. If only we could tack our shooter up on the wall, or wrap it around a curtain rod for a bird's eye style view.

Hey, we can!

The Monsterpod uses Viscoelastic Polymer to stick this tripod onto anything. VP has been used by 3M to dampen the vibrations in hard drives, but it's also proved to be a stellar adhesive that can be peeled off without damaging the surface it was on. says: "We tried this thing on brick walls, trees, marble, cement, steel, sheet rock, wire fences, metal poles, plate glass windows, upside down, in the heat, in the cold, on furniture, street lamps, and on a car. It sticks to over 1,000 things, and it's the closest thing to magic we've seen.

The Monsterpod can hold up any camera that's no more than 20 ounces. The $30 stickypod is moldable, so you can mash it just so to attach it to any shape surface. It'll hold its position for 1-10 minutes.

via Core 77

(Images: Photojojo)

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