How Moll Anderson Spends Her Perfect Night In

updated May 3, 2019
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Perfect Night In is a series where we ask actors, artists, entrepreneurs, and beyond how they’d spend the ultimate luxury—a blissful evening at home.

If you follow entertainment news and are a loyal fan of interior design, odds are you are aware of Moll Anderson. Known for her lifestyle advice and tips, there’s little that she doesn’t touch when it comes to the home—and on every platform imaginable, too.

Anderson has had a fair share of fame within the publishing world, starting with the first of four novels, “Change your Home, Change Your Life” that pushed her into the spotlight. The expert also uses her talent on TV—from being a regular contributor on “The Doctors” to being a featured guest on major networks—and also radio, being the former iHeart Radio host on “The Moll Anderson Show.”

In short, homebodies across the country continue to turn to the design personality for everything lifestyle. And now, we’re turning to Anderson for how to mold the ideal night in at home (when she’s not working on it!). Pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea, and cozy on up.

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Set The Scene

Your perfect homebody scene in 5 words: Cozy, seductive, warm, wine, hubby.

Are you alone or with someone else? I’m definitely with my husband.

Night-in uniform: I’m really into silk pajamas. Sometimes I work from the house and I want to pull it together because I like to always be presentable, especially when I know Charlie is coming home later.

What two people, dead or alive, would you let crash your night? Audrey Hepburn for sure. Her and I have UNICEF in common. She inspired me so much, watching her liveliness and how she transitioned her world. Also, Jennifer Lopez. I love her because she’s been through so much but she never lets anything get her down. She’s always moving forward in life. She’s also a very modern person of her time in that she gives back, just like Audrey Hepburn did.

(Image credit: Jenny Chang-Rodriguez)

Now Playing

TV or a movie? Netflix. We like to binge-watch series.

What are you watching? “Taken.” It’s new and is based off of the movie with Liam Neeson, and you’re on the edge the entire time. [My husband and I] both agree that when we’re going to spend the night in, we’re going to invest in a series that we both have to buy into. If I were to pick a movie, it’s going to be “A Star Is Born” right now.

eBooks or the real deal? Absolutely the real deal. I’m an author and I can’t imagine not being able to hold my books that I love and look at them. Every couple of weeks, I have to take pictures of things, or cut pages out in magazines because I like the textile feel. I’m always about how things feel in my hands.

Currently reading? I have two girlfriends that have books out right now. One is Cristina Ferrare’s “Food For Thought,” an amazing book on the healing properties of food with tremendous recipes that are just so good. My other girlfriend is Maria Shriver who wrote the book called “I’ve Been Thinking.”

Silence or music? Always music, we’re listening to Norah Jones.

Board games, yay or nay? I love a good dinner party when you have those table conversations with one question that gets people going. You go around the table, give a sentence or a word, and say “I’m grateful for” or “I believe.” The answers are really interesting and you always learn about the person. I remember we played it during a holiday and I said “I believe that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be right this exact minute, I believe that everyone sitting at this table is exactly where they’re supposed to be, and I believe in God, and this is a very profound moment, and that we will always be close.” I just kept going!

(Image credit: Jenny Chang-Rodriguez)

What’s cooking

Order in or cook for yourself? I probably cook four nights a week, if not five. My husband helps in that he’s the grill master. I’m paleo. My mom had Alzheimer’s so I wanted to get healthy and understand good food because it’s so healing. I love a trip to the farmer’s market, fresh vegetables, whatever looks the best really rules what I’m serving that night.

What are you eating? Artichokes are really in season right now and I make one of the best steamed artichokes. I make a sauce with avocado mayonnaise and I use a lot of lemon zest and fresh lemon juice, pepper, and a touch of cayenne. I’m all about sensory escaping, seeing your food, and having it look beautiful on the plate, and I love the way an artichoke is. When they fall open they look like a flower.

What drink are you pouring? I do enjoy a good glass of red wine. I don’t drink white wine or any of the other ones, but I will have wine because it’s good for you, but I don’t drink it all the time. My drink of choice is tequila, a clear tequila. Instead of mixtures, I make big ice cubes with chunks of orange, a mint leaf, and little bit of the essential oils and water and I keep those in the freezer. Then I put that in my glass with the tequila and it’s delicious. Then you don’t miss sugar, you don’t need all that.

What’s for dessert? I don’t eat sugar, but I had a flourless dark chocolate brownie made with coconut sugar—which I can have—and it was the most exciting thing to eat. The only thing missing last night was normally I would make a coconut whipped cream, which is nondairy. I’m telling you, anytime I serve it, the first thing they say is, “Oh my gosh, that is so good.” You don’t even miss the sugar, it’s so delicious.

Late night snack? I love a cup of ginger tea with nothing else in it, and then I have gluten-free ginger snaps that are the best in the world.

(Image credit: Jenny Chang-Rodriguez)

Take care

Do you have a self-care ritual? I take my makeup off with little makeup wipes. I have very dry skin and I’m in the air all the time. I love the touch-up products: There’s a spray that they have that puts the moisture back in your skin.

What do you try to avoid at all costs? Never go to bed angry, it’s not worth it. You never know, it could be your last night together.

Candles, yay or nay? Yay, always. I have like 546 just in the room. I love the Havana candle by Archipelago, it’s delicious and the only candle I use unless it’s unscented.

Face masks, yay or nay? I wore one yesterday by GLAMGLOW, it’s so good. My dogs will back away from me when I put it on because it’s silver and it makes your face look like you’re a robot, and it feels like a facelift.

Bubble bath, yay or nay? I definitely love taking baths. I tend to go toward oils. I love those bath fizzy things, but I would say anything that is essential oil-based.

Chores, yay or nay? The answer is yay, but I don’t view them as chores. I view it as I love the space in which I live: It’s my home, it’s my sanctuary. I will not go to bed with a dirty kitchen, and because I cook I have to clean it up before I go to bed. We take a lot of pride in it because we’ve both worked hard and we love our home.

Ideal bedtime? I like to crawl into bed by nine o’clock, which sounds early and it doesn’t happen very often. That’s my favorite. Then we watch a little Hallmark TV.