Mollusk Surf Shop & Gallery

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve never owned a surfboard, but that wouldn’t stop us from shopping at Mollusk, a store that caters to surfers and art lovers alike. They provide an unconventional space for beautiful, compelling surf art and photography.

Founded by John McCambridge in 2005, Mollusk originated in San Francisco, but quickly branched out along both coasts, opening stores in Venice Beach and Brooklyn. In addition to posters and photography, they sell clothing, boards, and gear. They also have a great website that features available artwork, books, and boards (which you can view by location). For more info, check them out online.


  1. Photograph by Ron Stoner, contact Mollusk for more information
  2. Poster from Ron Stoner Show in Venice, $15
  3. Save Our Ship, screenprinted poster by Jeff Canham, $50
  4. Surfing Photographs from the Seventies, book by Jeff Divine, $40
  5. Serena Waves, screenprinted poster by Serena Mitnik Miller, $50
  6. Kopps Present, screenprinted poster by Alex Kopp, $50
  7. Ando’s Present, screenprinted poster by Andy Davis, $50
  8. Poster by Todd St. John, $50
  9. Two Birds Fly Skateboard, deck art by Mason St. Peter, $130
  10. Klaus Jones Siglo Surfboard, $800