This Mom Translates Her Daughter’s Drawings into Embroidery

published Feb 18, 2020
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When parents and kids collaborate on creative projects, the results can be surprising. (Take, for example, the carpenter dad who turned his kid’s drawing into a real-life dresser.) Artist Inez Tan translates many of her 5-year-old daughter Miya’s drawings into embroidery, and the combination of Miya’s fresh imagination and her mom’s stitching skills makes for some delightful artwork.

Tan, who previously worked as a fashion merchandiser, told that her collaboration with Miya began with a piece called “The Snail, The Cowgirl, & The Bunny.”

“One day, she drew a picture of a snail, a cowgirl and a bunny and told me: ‘The snail calls out the bunny for being too slow. It says, giddy-up yourself, Slimy Snail! HeeHa, let’s go!’ I was super inspired by her imagination,” she said.

Tan named the series “She Draws, I Thread.” 

She’s continued it with many imaginative images since.

Based on the designs, it looks like Miya is inspired by everything from fairy tales to outer space.

The mother-daughter duo has also collaborated to make heart-shaped drawings and pins.

Here’s a look at some of Miya’s originals, before they get the embroidery treatment.

This piece, according to, is called “The Dino Cafe.”

Most recently, it seems that Tan and Miya are working on a series of embroidered Barbie clothes.

Tan told the site that Miya loves their collaboration too: “When she sees her artwork become part of mine, she feels special, happy, and motivated.” 

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