Swedish Moms Swear by This Versatile Nursery Item For Every Newborn

published May 23, 2018
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Are you making your baby shower registry? Or currently stuck on what to get your best friend for her baby shower? If you know your BFF is waiting on her mom or mother-in-law to get the big ticket items, but you want to shell out extra for her, you’ve come to the right place.

Babies need a lot, but they also grow so fast. You want to get your loved ones a gift that they’re actually going to use. If you can find something that they can use with their newborn multiple ways, even better.

The DockATot is the perfect nursery room staple for babies. It works as a cross between a bed and an activity mat. If you’re being literal, it is the perfect place to dock your baby when you’re not holding them.

The dock is ideal for lounge time, tummy time, play time, and even diaper changes. What makes this product so great for moms is that it doesn’t have to stay in the nursery, it is easy to transport from place-to-place.

The idea behind the DockATot is simple, their mission statement says:

Babies need a nurturing and cozy surrounding and feel calmer being in a smaller environment, which mimicks the mother’s womb. DockATot creates a soft and tender surrounding for little ones to lie in and feel snug and comforted.

Now, if your biggest concern is how dirty it will get, don’t worry, the sheets are washable! It was built with breathability, non-toxicity, and comfort in mind.

DockATot just released a collaboration with mommy blogger Joy Cho, of the blog Oh Joy!, so you know this product is mom-tested and approved.

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