Monday On Marketplace: Unique Finds Under $100

published Mar 13, 2017
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It’s Monday. The weekend flew by, five workdays loom ahead…and you deserve a little treat. What’s better than finding something one-of-a-kind for a great price? No need to dig around; these five finds from Apartment Therapy Marketplace are easy on the eyes and your budget: everything is under $100 and guaranteed to get some attention.

Are your walls itching for an update? This reclaimed wood art piece was handmade from salvaged materials, while maintaining a cool, modern edge. And of course, investing in original art made from sustainable materials isn’t just a stylish choice, it’s an eco-friendly one as well! Available on Apartment Therapy Marketplace, $95.

Smart storage lets you organize things in different ways: keep your favorite albums on the bottom of this vintage record cart, and display other home goods on the top shelf. A price that nice is music to our ears. Available on Apartment Therapy Marketplace, $50.

Rather than letting worn rugs head to the landfill, strategic repurposing can create some beautiful new products. This pillow was made from a vintage Turkish kilim rug, turning an items with unique history into versatile decor. Available on Apartment Therapy Marketplace, $48.

This next listing is 100% Violet Beauregarde approved: an antique, coin-operated gumball machine that still works! This kind of find instantly ups the mood in the room, because sometimes you just need to get something that brings you nostalgic joy. Wouldn’t you look forward to work more if you knew that you always had a sweet treat close at hand? Available on Apartment Therapy Marketplace, $100.

Custom Fabric Planter in Louisville, KY

And lastly, we have something that’s a step above your everyday pots. These handmade fabric planters bring a little boho vibe into your greenery; the contrast of crisp black and white against the plants is really stunning. But in the off chance you’re not into the pattern: custom orders are your way to go. Available on Apartment Therapy Marketplace, $56.