Money Saving Tip: Share WiFi With Neighbors

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A fast internet connection is a pricey expense, but one we can’t imagine living without. The great thing about it is that no matter how many people share it, it’s never ‘used up’…

There are advantages to small, condensed buildings. To save a little dough, why not get a few close-quarters neighbors together to share one WiFi plan? It doesn’t have to stay unsecured—you can just share the password!

Of course, there is the threat that too many people on one internet connection will slow down the show for all. But for two or three apartment neighbors who each liberally use the ‘net, a shared connection could be a big money saver.

Ask around in your building—or put an ad on a community bulletin board—seeing who’s up for the share. Pick neighbors you can trust and ask them to pay up front some time before the bill is due.

(Image: Flickr user .evenwestvang under license from Creative Commons)