Here’s How Monica’s Apartment Would Look in the 1920s Through the 1980s

updated May 3, 2019
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The main cast of Friends gathered around the living room of Monica's apartment in Christmas
(Image credit: NBC / Getty Images)

Monica Gellar’s apartment is iconic, mainly because over the course of “Friends'” 10 seasons, aside from inhabitants, it didn’t change very much. (Okay, so it looked very different with Chandler and Joey’s Lay-Z-Boys in there.) But just because the show never imagined the apartment differently, doesn’t mean we can’t.

Angie’s List teamed up with Neomam Studios to do just that and came up with renderings of the most famous purple apartment but reimagined as if Mon and the gang were being there for each other in different decades. What would the Gellar homestead look like in the Roaring 20s or the swinging 60s? Take a look below to find out.

(Image credit: Angie’s List)

The 1920s

There’s definitely Hollywood glam and some opulence infused into the West Village apartment here. Think bold patterns and even bolder chandeliers. The real question: What would Central Perk be in the 20s? A speakeasy?

(Image credit: Angie’s List)

The 1930s

According to Angie’s List, this decade was the introduction of the Scandi-chic style—one that Monica would implement into her home: Enter the Alvar Aalto chair.

(Image credit: Angie’s List)

The 1940s

This bright blue color and the fun upholstery brighten up the place, especially since morale would be pretty low in this decade. Can you even imagine if Friends took place during World War II? Joey barely survived his spit-tastic World War I movie!

(Image credit: Angie’s List)

The 1950s

It’s all the mid-century modern furniture you can imagine! Sure, you’d have to relive the whole “Pivot!” situation to get it up the stairs, but it would be totally worth it.

(Image credit: Angie’s List)

The 1960s

That wild couch does not scream Monica Gellar-Bing AT ALL, but who knows, maybe Monica would’ve been all hippied out if she had lived in the 60s. Just kidding—hippies are way too relaxed for Monica.

(Image credit: Angie’s List)

The 1970s

Rachel was always the most on-trend Friend, so it would definitely be her idea to spruce up the apartment with the very trendy Guzzini-style light fixture. Good on you, Green!

(Image credit: Angie’s List)

The 1980s

It’s a refined, stream-lined 80s look, but that seems right for a person who has 11 categories of towels.

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