Monsanto House of the Future

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

From 1957 to 1967 the Monsanto House of the Future was on exhibition at Disneyland. It was a house of the future made of 99.97% artificial materials. Thankfully, this past “future” never came to pass:

For one, it was made of plastic. It was boasted that the house was “warm and cozy”, but it’s hard to see it as anything near that. The plastic building was so sturdy, that when demolition crews tried to knock out walls with a wrecking ball, the ball bounced off. We read that a few remaining indestructable columns of the house can still be seen at Disneyland today. A number of newspapers articles even appeared that associated visiting the house with cancer.

The house projected what life would be like by the year 1987. Luckily, our future now looks more imbued with natural building materials than invincible plastic.