Montessori At Home

Montessori At Home

Elisabeth Wilborn
Mar 26, 2012

As a Montessori kid myself, it was a very difficult decision not to put my own children into a Montessori program. Yet even though I didn't go that route for their education, there are still many ways that I can incorporate classic hallmarks of Montessori at home.

Maria Montessori observed children and the way they learn. She took note of the child's desire to be self-sufficient at an early age, and their willingness to work on a task until they'd mastered it.

At home, we can encourage our children in a variety of ways in line with the Montessori method.

Create a calm environment. Montessori classrooms utilize natural materials such as wood, pottery, and glass. The effect is not so much monochromatic as it is soothing, and is an excellent background for learning.

Make their space at their scale. This can be anything from a child-size broom to a bed on the floor to hanging art at their level.

Everything has its place. On low lying shelves, put a selected group of activities for them to choose from.

Educate the whole child, from the mind to the social to the physical.

Look for Montessori learning tools that can be purchased for the home. Kid O has a line that is based on traditional materials, and the very ones they use in the classroom can also be found online. Those for math are especially fantastic.

Here are some rooms at home that we've covered which incorporate Montessori elements.

Do you subscribe to a particular educational model for your child?

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7. Knox's "Yes" Room
8. My Room: Jo's Studio

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