An Interior Designer Shares Mood-Boosting Color Schemes for Winter

published Nov 8, 2022
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As summer turns into fall and winter, you might be noticing dips in your mood. Whether it’s just a temporary case of the winter blues or if you’re battling some serious seasonal affective disorder (SAD), there are plenty of science-backed reasons why you might notice a shift in your overall vibe as the weather starts to shift.

Of course, using any helpful coping mechanisms and seeking professional care when you need it are important no matter what’s going on in your life, but if the seasonal shift is inspiring you to switch up some aspects of your home base, you might not know the many ways color can actually impact your mood. Amy Wilson, an interior designer for 247 Curtains, shared her favorite design trends and interior color schemes that can turn your space into a mood-boosting sanctuary.

Wilson recommends incorporating natural tones, such as calming greens and soothing blues, into your home wherever possible. After all, if you think about that instantly serene feeling you get when you step out into nature or dip your toes into the ocean, it’s easy to understand why bringing nature’s signature hues inside.

“Shades of terracotta and earthy tones are continuing to dominate the interiors market thanks to the tranquil atmosphere they help to create,” says Wilson. “These colors are the perfect way to quickly warm up a cool north facing room and evoke memories of travel and warmer climates, making them an ideal choice for lifting the mood.” Wilson likes tan leather, linen curtains, and rattan accessories to complete this travel-inspired scheme.

Credit: Alexis Buryk

Moody blues might actually boost your mood, as Wilson notes. She’s a big fan of both pale blues, which she says “will create a space that will leave you feeling fulfilled and relaxed,” as well as deeper blues, which “will create a more confident and modern look. Blues have a place in every space of the home, but its calming effect makes it particularly ideal for cozy living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms.”

A classic earth tone, Wilson says that “green also pairs beautifully with warmer tones, so for your window dressings opt for some dusky pink curtains,” she adds. “Not only will this bring in a touch of warmth, but also keep the space feeling fresh and refreshing this winter.”

On that note, playful pink is having a major moment thanks to the popularity of Barbiecore decor, and all types of the vibrant hue will infuse joy into any room. “Symbolizing love and passion, injecting some pink into a home can help create a sense of warmth and happiness, which we all need in the colder, darker months,” says Wilson. “Pink is also a very versatile color and comes in many different shades, so you will always find one you find yourself drawn to. Pair with deeper greens to balance the sweetness with some cooler, more earthy shades.”

A great addition to any space is neon, and Wilson urges decorators not to shy away from bold pops of color, whether pink or otherwise. “Neon colors will always guarantee to bring you joy in the darker months. Keep your palette white or dark and then add in pops of neon to create a sense of fun and a dramatic finish.” She recommends neon-hued pom pom cushions or pillows for a fun, whimsical touch.

If neon just isn’t your style, no sweat. You can always infuse some sunny yellow for the same feeling without making things lean too ‘80s. “Warm yellows create an element of joy and happiness that can create a positive space in your home that makes you feel upbeat,” says Wilson. She recommends making it modern by “considering contrasting colors, so try pairing with natural shades or sage green for a clean, fresh, and welcoming look. Carefully consider your lighting and other decorative elements like minimalist and natural curtains to suit such a statement color.”