Moonlight Cushion Brings Your Couch To Life

Sure, this LED-lit couch cushion provides lots of color and a unique glow to bring your sofa to life. But it looks more like something is alive on your couch. Either way, we know somebody out there has been waiting for a pillow like this to hit the market—so here you go.

We like to poke fun at unique ideas like the Moonlight Cushion, but the reality is that there’s plenty of ways smart and techie apartment dwellers could put a glowing pillow to use—it’s great as a nightlight for a kids room or perfect for relax-while-you-read travel excursions.

So how does it work? Low-energy LEDs glow with the help of a zipped-away battery compartment. A tap to the center of the fur pillow brings the ever-shifting soft colors to life. Tap it again to turn it off.

The Moonlight Cushion will be available May 3rd from Thumbs Up UK for $37 USD.