More Bathroom Tricks For Those Hard To Reach Places

More Bathroom Tricks For Those Hard To Reach Places

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 4, 2009

Bathrooms seem to be the smallest place in our house but sadly have some of the greatest potential for icky surfaces. Earlier we kicked off our thoughts on cleaning those hard to reach places and mentioned 3 great tricks for making things shine! Ready for more? Click through the jump to see how easy it can be to clean the tracks for your shower door, remove hairspray residue and remove ALL the dirt from the bottom of those textured plastic floors in your showers and tubs!

See if the tricks below will make your bathroom cleaning routine a bit easier! Read through and leave us your cleaning tips in the comments below!

How To Easily Clean Your Shower Door Tracks
Cleaning the tracks in which your shower doors slide in is one of those places we never thought about getting dirty growing up. Simply take a paper towel and tear off small pieces and plug the holes in the tracks (if you have gone paperless you can use toilet paper). Pour in undiluted white vinegar and let sit for a half hour. Unplug the holes and pour in boiling water (hot tap water can do in a pinch) to flush the tracks. Wipe out with a towel and it's shine should have returned!

Removing Hairspray Residue From Walls/Doors
Hairspray residue is one of those things that even though you don't see it all the time, can build up over time. To take care of it, mix in a clean spray bottle, 1/3 fabric softner to 2/3 water, shake, spray and wipe. It's as easy as that and the extra mixture can be used to dust surfaces in your home to help repel dust. Make sure to buff surfaces clean!

How To Clean The Floors of Dimpled Plastic Tubs
The floors of showers and tubs that have that texturing to them can be a real pain to clean. Try cutting a square of drywall sandpaper (it's like a mesh screen) and your favorite mild gel or paste cleanser should get the job done. The mesh squares will be able to clean all sides of the dimples or texturing leaving your showers spotless once and for all!

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